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Current Exhibition: Manipulations of Thought and Memory

Manipulations of Thought and Memory
Ray Stratton Art Exhibition
November 1st - December 19th

Manipulations of Thought and Memory by Ray Stratton is the new art exhibit showing through December 17, at the Slemp Gallery on the Mountain Empire Community College campus.        

Stratton is an Associate Professor at UVA Wise, where he teaches printmaking, papermaking, and book arts, as well as other courses in the visual arts.  He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from Arizona State University and an MFA from the Glasglow School of Art in Scotland.
His work as an artist has primarily been in printmaking. The work in this exhibition is his first major exploration of papermaking.

About this exhibit, Stratton says, “In Norse mythology Odin, the chief of the gods, had two ravens, which brought news to him from across the lands. The names of these ravens translate as “Thought” and “Memory”. This series of works is based on the ideas of “Thought and Memory,” and uses the ravens as symbols of these concepts.

More of his work may be viewed at:

Stratton art


The Slemp Gallery is located in Mountain Empire Community College's Wampler Library.  

Funded by the C. Bascom Slemp Foundation and the MECC Foundation.
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