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Adkins, JanetHousekeeping & Apparel Services Worker IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Admissions Office  276.523.7474
Allgyer, ChrisInstructor, MathematicsArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 320 Email
Army National Guard  276-523-2400 ext. 643
Arnold, Bethany English FacultyArts & Sciences(276) 523-2400 ext. 252 Email
Artrip, DonnieTrades Technician IIBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Arts and Science Division Office  276-523-7460
Austin, SusieAdministrative Office Specialist IIIFinancial & Administrative Services276.523.7463 Email
Austin, TimAssistant Professor, Welding Industrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 692 Email
Baker, SmittyInstructor, PsychologyArts & Sciences276-523.2400 ext 238 Email
Barnette, BrandiEducation Support Specialist III (College Success Coach)Admissions276.523.2400 ext 279 Email
Bartley, TimInformation Technology Specialist IIComputing & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 233 Email
Bates, JimProfessor, Accounting, CPABusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 241 Email
Bays, Della Education Support Specialist IIIFinancial Aid276.523.2400 ext 237 Email
Beaver, WayneIT Specialist IComputing & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 296 Email
Bevins, BeckyAdministrative Office Specialist IIIBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 236 Email
Blankenbecler, TimProject Director, Small Business Development Center/Associate ProfessorSmall Business Development Center276.523.2400 ext 329 Email
Bledsoe, JeriAnnual Fund CoordinatorFoundation276.523.2400 ext 287 Email
Bledsoe, JohnDual Enrollment CoordinatorDual Enrollment/Governor's School276.523.2400 ext 307 Email
Boatright-Wells, Sue EllaDean, Workforce Develop. Center/InstructorContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.7489 Email
Boggs, Beth CounselorStudent Services276.523.2400 ext 324 Email
Bolling, WindellTrades Technician IIBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Bowen, DanielHousekeeping & Apparel Worker I 276.523.2400 ext. 27` Email
Bradshaw, LeliaCoordinator of Student Outreach & SuccessStudent Services276.523.2400 ext 288 Email
Brown, SylviaAssistant Professor, MathematicsArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 353 Email
Brummett, ChrisTrades Tech IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271
Burkart, CarolAssistant Professor, BiologyArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 289 Email
Bus. Tech Fax  276.523.7484
Bus. Tech. Work Study  276.523.2400 ext 363
Bus. Tech., Workroom  276.523.2400 ext 378
Carroll, RhondaEducation Support Specialist II -- Adult Career CoachContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext. 684 Email
Cashier Office  276.523.7475
Cassell, NancyAdministrative Office Specialist IISmall Business Development Center276.523.2400 ext 328 Email
Cassell, SusiEducation Support Specialist IIContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 419 Email
Caudill, VickieAdministrative Office Specialist II --HR/Switchboard 276-523-2400 ext. 694
Childress, LindaInstructor, College Success SkillsArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 352
Christian, PattiAdministrative Office Specialist II (Print Shop)Print Shop276.523.2400 ext 322 Email
Clarkston, DeborahAssociate Professor, NursingHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 222 Email
Clements, TommyDean, Health Science and Industrial TechnologyIndustrial Technology276.523.7431 Email
Clendenon, ToddEducation Support Specialist III, College Success CoachAdmissions276.523.2400 ext 399 Email
Cluesmen, DonnaAssistant Professor, NursingHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 300 Email
Coeburn, FredInstructor, Information Systems TechnologyBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 285 Email
Cont. Ed./CWD FAX  276.523.7486
Cooke, Rosa-LeeInformation Technology Specialist IIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 364 Email
Counts, SamanthaEducation Support Specialist II, Student ServicesStudent Services276.523.7472 Email
Cowden, KeithAssistant Professor, VA Appalachian Tricollege Nursing ProgramHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 275
Cowden, SabrinaAssistant Professor, Nursing FacultyHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 672 Email
Cradic, SuzieBusiness ManagerBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 309 Email
Cupp, TinaEducation Support Specialist II (Tutor Coordinator) Student Support Gain ProgramGAIN Lab276.523.2400 ext 335 Email
Defoor, DanaAdministrative Office Specialist IIArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 231 Email
Dickenson, SharonHousekeeping & Apparel Services Worker IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271
Dingus, LoriAdministrative Office Specialist III - Business OfficeBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 256 Email
Dorton, KimTrainer and Instructor III, Health SciencesHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 356 Email
Dotson, BrandonDean of Student ServicesStudent Services276.523.2400 ext 251 Email
Doyle, FranAssociate Professor, ISTBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 313 Email
Durham, BelindaAdministrative Office Specialist IIIBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 303 Email
Dye, ShamraEducation Support Specialist IIFinancial Aid276.523.2400 ext 214 Email
Edwards, KemperEducation Talent Search 276.523.2400 ext. 311 Email
Edwards, Philip  276-523-2400 ext. 305 Email
Egan, PatriciaAdministrative Office Specialist IIIBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 207 Email
England, RobertProfessor, Criminal JusticeIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 327 Email
Estep, ConnieODU Site DirectorOld Dominion University276.523.2400 ext 336 Email
Fig, JenniferAdministrative Office SpecialistAdmissions276.523.2400 ext 227 Email
Financial Aid Office  276.523.7470
Foundation Department  276.523.7466
Garland, JimInstructor, Electromechanical and ManufacturingIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 265 Email
Garrett, TerryAdministrative Office Specialist IIContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 372 Email
Gibson, PeggyAdministrative Assistant to the PresidentStudent Services276.523.2400 ext 490 Email
Giles, PamHuman Resource Manager IHuman Resources276.523.2400 ext 212 Email
Gilley, MichaelDirector of Library Services/InstructorLibrary276.523.2400 ext 304 Email
Gilley, PaulInstructor, WeldingIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 334 Email
Gilliam, SarahAssistant Professor, EnglishArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 242 Email
Gilly, JakeAssistant Professor, Computer-Aided DraftingIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 280 Email
Grace, LenaEducation Support Specialist IIAdmissions276.523.2400 ext 217 Email
Greear, AmyCoordinator of Community RelationsCommunity Relations276.523.7480 Email
Green, CharlotteAdministrative Office Specialist IIIContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.7464 Email
Green, MichaelHousekeeping & Apparel Worker I 276.523.2400 ext. 271 Email
Greene, RogerAssociate Professor, ElectronicsIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 262 Email
Hale, CindyEducation Support Specialist IIFinancial & Administrative Services276.523.2400 ext. 290
Hall, KristyDirector, Financial Aid & Enrollment Services/InstructorAdmissions276.523.2400 ext 219 Email
Hamilton, ScottPresidentPresident's Office276.523.2400 ext 200 Email
Hampton, GaryLaboratory and Research Specialist IIIIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 364 Email
Harrington, AliceProfessor, ArtArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 247 Email
Harris, ClaraFinancial Services SpecialistFoundation276.523.2400 ext 689 Email
Hatfield, MyronChief of PoliceSecurity276.523.2400 ext 473 Email
Helms, GingerEducation Support SpecialistContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 419 Email
Hill, DoraRetail Manager II, BookstoreBookstore276.523.2400 ext 332 Email
Hill, JacquieEducation Support Specialist IIAdmissions276.523.2400 ext 323 Email
Holcomb, GeneTrades Technician IIBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Howard, ClaudiaAdministrative Office Specialist IIHuman Resources276.523.2400 ext 374 Email
Howard, Kristy Talent Search276.523.2400 ext 286
Hunek, JozsefProfessor, ChemistryArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 317 Email
Hurd, Jacob Administrative and Office Specialist -- Bookstore 523-2400 ext. 423 Email
IE Tech Adjunct Office  276.523.2400 ext 253
Jessee, YvonneProject Director, CIF for Math SuccessArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 216
Jones, JaneAssociate Professor, Administrative Support TechnologyBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 249 Email
Jones, MitziAsst. Professor NursingHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 686 Email
Joseph, MysonHealth Information Management Program Coordinator  276.523.2400 ext. 306 Email
Kelley, AmyHousekeeping & Apparel Services Worker IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Kennedy, LanaMedia Specialist IIPrint Shop276.523.2400 ext 341 Email
Kennedy, SusanAssistant Coordinator of Distance Education/InstructorContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.7488 Email
Ketron, JessicaCounselor/Career ServicesGAIN Lab276.523.2400 ext 342 Email
Kilbourne, JenniferRetail Specialist IIBookstore276.523.2400 ext 270 Email
King University  276-523-2400 ext. 373
Lane, TerriAssociate Professor, ISTBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 240 Email
Lawson, RickLibrary Specialist IILibrary276.523.2400 ext 267 Email
Layne, PrestonPrinting Technician IIIPrint Shop276.523.2400 ext 248 Email
Lee, ChristyInstructor, RadiographyHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 208 Email
Lee, DaleInstructor/CounselorStudent Services276.523.2400 ext 343 Email
Lee, KevinPolicy & Planning Specialist IInstitutional Effectiveness276.523.2400 ext 245 Email
Lee, ValerieHuman Resources 276.523.2400 ext. 375 Email
Leonard, BrookeLibrary Specialist ILibrary276.523.2400 ext 468 Email
Lester, AngieAdministrative Office Specialist IIIArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 460 Email
Library Circulation Desk  276.523.7468
Lindsey Wilson College Lindsey Wilson College276-523-2400 ext. 301
Mabe, AshleyAdministrative Office Specialist IIBookstore276.523.2400 ext 340 Email
Maggard, AlanIT Specialist I 523-2400 ext. 294 Email
Maksoud, NasserAssociate Professor, Information Systems TechnologyBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 259 Email
Martinez, BrandiInstructor, EnglishArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 690 Email
Massey, GinaProject Director, TRIO Program/Instructor, National Certified Counselor (NCC)GAIN Lab276.523.2400 ext 278 Email
Matyushin, VadimInstructor, MathematicsArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 258 Email
McDonough, JamesPolice Officer ISecurity276.523.7473 Email
McGuire, DebbieAdministrative Office Specialist IIIBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 239 Email
McKinney, MelissaAdministrative and Office Specialist IIIAdmissions523-2400 ext. 644 Email
Morrison, NikkiGrants CoordinatorFoundation276.523.2400 ext 416 Email
Mullins, ShaneInformation Technology Specialist IIComputing & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 226 Email
Oakes, JadaNursing Retention SpecialistHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 427 Email
Oaks, MirandaInstructor, MathematicsArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 230 Email
Ogbonnaya, ChuksProfessor, Environmental ScienceIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 276 Email
Old Dominion University Old Dominion University276-523-2400 ext. 386, 336
Olinger, AmandaAdmin Office Specialist IIIBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 462 Email
O'Quinn, GenevaAdmin Office SpecialistContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 318 Email
Orndorff, BarbaraProject Director, Title IIIFoundation276.523.2400 ext 292 Email
Owens, Donna Administrative Office Specialist II 276.523.2400 ext. 688 Email
Parton, JaneAdministrative Office Specialist IIIComputing & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 206 Email
Pendley, KatieOffice Assistant, MECC Foundation 276.523.2400 ext. 466 Email
Pierson, KathyFinancial Services Specialist IBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 205 Email
Porter, TonyaPolicy and Planning Specialist IFinancial Aid276.523.2400 ext 385 Email
Price, WillieEducation Support Specialist IIAdmissions276.523.2400 ext 321 Email
Ramey, JerryAssistant Professor, Air Conditioning/RefrigerationIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 326 Email
Rasnick, KimNursing Retention SpecialistHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 426 Email
Ratliff, Vickie Vice-President Academic & Student ServicesAcademic & Student Services276.523.7467 Email
Red Fox Grill  276.523.2400 ext 376
Reynolds, AngeliaAdministrative Office Specialist IIIAcademic & Student Services276.523.2400. ext. 203 Email
Reynolds, CarolynDean, Arts and Sciences Division, Assistant ProfessorArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 243 Email
Rhodes, YvonneLindsey Wilson College, Site CoordinatorLindsey Wilson College276.523.2400 Ext. 301
Rhoton, ConnieTech Prep Program DirectorContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 379 Email
Richards, JanInstructor of EnglishArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext. 295
Ringley, CynthiaAssociate Professor, Criminal JusticeIndustrial Technology276.523.2400 ext 264 Email
Robbins, AmandaInstructor, Nursing FacultyHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 425 Email
Roberson, KarenAdministrative Office Specialist IIIGAIN Lab276.523.2400 ext 223 Email
Robinson, TonyDirector, Center for Computing and Information Technology/Assoc. ProfessorComputing & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 348 Email
Russell, ElizabethAdmin Office Specialist IIBookstore276.523.2400 ext 445 Email
Russo, TonyInstructor -- BiologyArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 289 Email
Rutledge, VickiAdministrative Office Specialist IIContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 465 Email
Scanlan, KyleAssistant Professor, History and Political ScienceArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 263 Email
Schedule Info  276.523.7495
Shelton, DonnaVice President, Financial and Administrative ServicesFinancial & Administrative Services276.523.7478 Email
Shuler, JeannieProcurement Officer IBusiness Office276.523.2400 ext 331 Email
Snodgrass, BethProfessor, Legal AssistingBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 257 Email
Stamper, JayneEducation Support Specialist I - Student Activities Assistant Student Services276.523.2400 ext 115 Email
Stanley, DonnaVice-President, Institutional Advancement/Associate ProfessorFoundation276.523.2400 ext 493 Email
Stanley, FarrellHousekeeping & Apparel Services Worker IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Stewart, JamesHousekeeping & Apparel Services Worker IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Stewart, Jason Buildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271
Stidham, PaulineHousekeeping & Apparel Services Worker IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Strength, JimProfessor, BiologyArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 272 Email
Tankersley, CherylEducation Support Specialist II (Career Coach) Tech Prep ProgramContinuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 ext 419 Email
Teaster, DarlaEducation Support Specialist II (Job Placement Coordinator)Continuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development276.523.2400 Ext. 696 Email
Thompson, RogerRRT-NPS, CPFT, AE-C, Professor, Respiratory TherapyHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 302 Email
Tucker, KenProfessor, Sociology and GeographyArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 315 Email
Vaughn, AnnAdministrative Office Specialist IIBusiness & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 363
Vicars, JimTrades Manager IBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 608 Email
Walker, RosemaryLibrary Specialist ILibrary276.523.2400 ext 310 Email
Ward, SabrinaAssistant Professor, Administrative Support Tech.Business & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 224 Email
Warner, DennisTrade Technician IIIBuildings & Grounds276.523.2400 ext 271 Email
Whisenhunt, LenaAssistant Professor, NursingHealth Sciences276.523.2400 ext 421 Email
Whisman, DerekAssistant Professor, EnglishArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 260 Email
Whitaker, SherryEducation Support Specialist IIFinancial Aid276.523.2400 ext 284 Email
Woliver, LisaAdministrative Office Specialist IIITalent Search276.523.2400 ext 333 Email
Wright, DeborahAssociate Professor, NursingHealth Sciences276.523.7457 Email
Wright, FrankInstructor, MathematicsArts & Sciences276.523.2400 ext 229 Email
Young, JosephInformation Technology Specialist IIComputing & Information Technology276.523.2400 ext 244 Email