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MECC offers three types of distance education courses: online, video, and interactive video. The online and video courses are asynchronous, meaning that the instructor and student are not in the same location at the same time. The interactive video courses are synchronous, meaning that the instructor may be at a different location from the students, but they are interacting at the same time. To take an interactive video class, students come to a college campus or other site where college courses are being held to receive the instruction.
Distance education courses are different from traditional courses in that the latter always involves the instructor and students at the same location at the same time, such as a college campus or other site.

To clarify the various types of instruction even further, instructors in some traditional courses are supplementing their instruction by putting course information on the web. Whatever type of course the student selects, MECC is committed to providing the same instructional quality and support services to distance education students as are being provided to traditional classroom students. Currently, the majority of students at MECC taking distance education courses are also take traditional courses. Distance education courses at MECC cost the same as traditional classroom-based courses. MECC does not charge any additional fees for the purpose of verifying student identity. If external identity verification services are required or if the student chooses to use such services, the student is responsible for any and all costs incurred.

Students taking video and online courses are provided an evaluation form to complete at the end of the term. This allows MECC to make improvements in the courses and the way they are delivered. (All instructors teaching traditional courses are also evaluated by students.) 

MECC Distance Learning Course Directory

View a list of available distance learning courses located in the class schedule. Course sections that begin with a "W" are Web courses, course sections that begin with an "H" are Hybrid courses and course sections that begin with a "V" are Video courses. 

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