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Strategies for Success in Online Courses

This page covers academic responsibility and honesty, class participation, communication, netiquette, and time management. Click here to view Strategies for Success.

Examine Your Course Materials

If you have any questions, contact your instructor and/or Susan Kennedy, Coordinator Distance Education now!

Carefully Examine the Course Syllabus

Notice the points during the course when exams or other assessments are scheduled. You will be required to take the appropriate assessment at those points. Notice also the suggested timelines to get an idea of how much time the instructor expects you to spend on each unit of instruction. Place these dates in your calendar.

Begin Reading Your Assignments

The written units of instruction will guide you in your assignments and in preparing for each exam. Refer to the syllabus or other course materials for a detailed description of evaluation requirements for the course. If you feel you need further explanation of how the course works, contact the instructor to discuss your questions or make a personal appointment.

Establish a Regular Time to Study

Distance education courses usually take between six to nine hours of study per week. Plan your time, including the expected and unexpected! Most students find it useful to schedule time each week for working on a course. Prioritize tasks and complete them in their order of importance.

Sharpen Your Study Habits

  • Organize information; relate it to your goals and two things you already know. Group bits of information which have something in common.
  • Study with all your senses. Recite aloud, stand up, pace around, gesture, visualize, "write" in the air.


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